June 17, 2024

Latex Fetish Love

Dressed in Latex

Fetish Places: Manifest Copenhagen

Featuring places to show off your latex fetish love! The hub of fetishism in Scandinavia is the grand Manifest party catering to all fetishes with eager pleasure

See the Manifest party schedule at https://manifest.eu/

Manifest Invite:

The danish fetish crowd meets 9-10 times a year, to share kinky fantasies, to flirt, dance, and meet similar friends. you’re invited to hitch the party …

ManiFest may be a lustful alternative to the superficial everyday thought culture, with all its sexual double-standards, hypocracy and superficiality.
We celebrate freedom, flirtation, hedonism and ecstacy. we have a tendency to manifest our inner selves, our hidden fascinations and sensual visions.
Fantasies regarding fetishism, seduction, sexy role-playing, cross-dressing, body art, exhibitionism and sexy dominance are created real!

We are a club for fetishists, however our members come back from many various sexual subcultures; voyeurs and exhibitionists, swingers, BDSM players, drag queens and kings, transvestites and transsexuals, goths, gays, lesbians and bisexuals, techno-ravers, cyberpunks and trendy primitives. toughened players likewise as enthusiatic beginners of all sexes and persuasions, create ManiFest a commixture pot of gender and a playground of intimacy.

All are welcome, however we tend to do have some demands and rules:

Everyone should show a decent and respectful behaviour towards others.

Everyone should follow our dresscode:
Leather, PVC, Latex, Rubber, Drag, Trans, sexy underclothing, Body Art, and extreme sexual expression.

You will not be admitted if you are doing not follow the dresscode. No streetwear, blue jeans, etc.

And we love once our members are inventive, personal and original in coming up with their fetish outfits!

Each party has AN underlying theme, for inspiration and sexy challenge. In some cases the dresscode is broadened per the theme; please check the calendar and therefore the monthly story.

ManiFest encourages loving toying, extreme need and open playfulness. several members like to look and blow their own horns, and to relish sex and fetish play ahead of others. it’s in fact entirely up to the individual, whether or not you wish to appear or not – or if you want to point out off and play.
Freedom, need and mutual respect are necessary keywords for ManiFest.
Failure to uphold the foundations, written or unwritten, will cause banishment from ManiFest.

Each party contains many zones, together with a beating dancefloor, a well-assorted bar, restaurant tables and loosen up areas. we tend to even have a well-equipped game room space with bondage- and fetish-furniture, likewise as a room wherever something will happen …

Photography isn’t allowed at ManiFest! this is often to respect several of our members’ needs for namelessness and discretion. If, on rare occasions, ManiFest is photographing for our homepage or alternative media, displays are denote at the doorway, and no-one are photographed against their needs.

ManiFest has over 1400 members………..
We are wanting forward to seeing you too?