July 21, 2024

Latex Fetish Love

Dressed in Latex

Fetish Performers: Dr Mad


Dr.Mad began to perform within the early 90ties. He started with body art facet shows on little budged parties. The themes were trashy and punk. Later on, Sicky joined in and that they performed with live bands like “Cheesy Victims” and “Linked”. The shows consisted of Grinding, Firespitting and soon Hookpullings. when a couple of group changes, Dr.Mad found his new vogue in performances!!

Theatersketches combined with body art altogether its designs and appearances. From rhetorical, military to minimalistic and old skool fakiracts. Besides that you just may also book them to host your party in any theme/style you would like. Dr. Mads shows are continually distinctive, not one show is that the same. Bondage, fire, grinding, hooks and needles are often mixed into your instruction. The doctor will heel all of your freaky party problems. simply offer him some ingredients…